Services and Rates


  • Design – From a small backyard bed around a patio to a full master plan, we custom-draw plans to suit your site, your needs and maybe even your dreams.
  • Consultation – Sometimes all you need is an hour or two to ask questions, gather priorities or direction for seasonal tasks, gain confidence from a pruning lesson, get shrub recommendations, or find inspiration.
  • Installation – We can install the plan we create, refurbish tired-looking areas, or execute most plans you may have on hand. If heavy equipment, grading and major hardscaping are involved, we may suggest other firms that specialize in those pre-planting operations.
  • Selective pruning – We hand-prune shrubs and small trees for health, shape and size. We discourage the use – except on rare occasion — of power tools for pruning as they generally are destructive for the plant, often destroy natural shape and formation of blooms, and frequently encourage growth counter to intention.
  • Maintenance – We  offer pruning, assessment and grooming of your landscape on a quarterly, bi-monthly or periodic basis. We do not maintain turf grass, but will gladly suggest ways to reduce the amount of turf grass you need to constantly maintain.
  • Water run-off solutions. We can create rain gardens for soggy areas or basic bio-swales for areas where run-off needs to be slowed or redirected. With water an ever-precious necessity, we explore utilizing the water that comes on your site in practical and attractive ways, before we resort to the common practice of trying get rid of it. Why channel all that rainwater away from your yard and then pay for irrigation?


Consultations: $75 for the first hour and $50 for each hour after that on the same visit. For areas more than 25 miles from downtown Greenville, a travel surcharge may be added.

Design, installation, pruning, maintenance: Call for a free estimate.

Gift certificates are available.

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