Philosophy and Practices

The motto of WildEarth Landscaping pretty much says it all: Respecting the wisdom of Mother Nature. With that overriding theme as inspiration, I realize that people have busy lives to lead, budgets to maintain, and yards to tend. So here are some basic concepts and practices I employ when designing and consulting that help integrate the ideal and the practical.

  • Use the right plant in the right place. The best low-maintenance plant is one that needs little pruning.
  • In most situations, natives are considered first, then drought-resistant non-natives and pollinator-attractors. I avoid the use of invasive plants.
  • I recommend the use of organic products — such as worm castings, Neem oil, and slow-release fertilizers – whenever possible.
  • Consider reducing turf grass to areas that are intended specifically for children’s play, outdoor games, to set off landscaping beds, or as pathways to more natural areas. Grass tends to be the most water, chemical, and labor intensive part of the home landscape.
  • Group plants together with similar water needs.
  • Diversity in plants makes for stronger eco-systems and healthier yards.
  • I encourage the continual improvement of soil, for it is what sustains the Earth. Compost is good. Mulch is necessary.