WildEarth Landscaping LLC

Welcome to the website for WildEarth Landscaping LLC. We specialize in creating beautiful, low-maintenance landscapes that feature native plants and eco-friendly practices.

Native plants have grown in the area for hundreds of years, so they are accustomed to our soils and climate conditions, and are usually less fussy than non-natives. That asset alone can curb the use  — and cost – of fertilizers, water and time. And, most importantly, native plants co-evolved with the birds, butterflies and insects that keep our amazing planet humming – so their use attracts important habitat partners and encourages healthy, sustainable eco-systems.

Whether your site is a few square feet in front of a condo, a large lot you inherited that is sapping your weekends of free time, a small office space that needs greening, or simply a yard you want to feel good to come home to, we can help. Check out our list of services.

Remember, we work with nature not against her. And we’d like to work with you.